Our park has an international-standard bowl and street course, which caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.

Specific features include:

  • Euro gap
  • 4 stair rail
  • quarter pipe to vert pillar
  • 1.5m shallow bowl
  • 2.7m deep bowl
  • 2.5m hemisphere cup
  • grind blocks to flat bank
  • diamond fun box
  • stairs rails
  • a manual pad.

The surfaces include concrete, granite and metal.

Beginners and new park users should visit us during supervised hours and chat to our friendly team of staff to find out about suitable rider paths and get some tips for using the park.

Staff are on hand during staffed hours of operation to ensure the facility is well maintained and supervised. All staff are trained in first aid and will provide assistance if you are injured or in emergency situations.

YMCA also manages these skate parks